Our Awards.

In September 2019 it will was the 20th year of running the school. Thanks to Pam Jackson giving us the opportunity.

20 years on we’ve seen some changes but definitely for the better and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Our story

Our Recent Awards

Our school continues to go from strength to strength & Alicia & I were very honoured in 2018 to be the winners of 2 awards for outstanding contribution in the community to children with additional needs. Alicia’s amazing idea over 5 years ago to start our Chance to Dance class as you will see on the show tonight gives all children the opportunity to
take part in dance.

We received our 1st award from Sparkle Sheffield (an Autism support group in Sheffield) there award was for Autism Arts Inclusion. Our second award was awarded by Hallam FM for Hallam Heroes, cash for kids 2018 this was nominated by a member of public for most inspirational family of the year for our work with children who have additional needs.

Both awards were a great honour & we hope we can continue to grow a Chance to Dance more over the next few years. In November part of the school took part in A Chance 2 Dance performance at Blackpool Opera House, this was a great opportunity to appear alongside many other dance schools.

It was a great day and those who took part were definitely a credit to the school. We look forward to taking part again this year at Birmingham Hippodrome on 23rd June 2019!